Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Cancer!

Thanks to Boho Girl,

I discovered the film and book "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips" of Kris Carr.

I saw the trailer of her film and it inspired me, I'm anxious to see it or read her book! Perhaps I can find it at an American Bookshop or will I order it at It reminds me of the book of Brandon Bays "The Journey", a similar story. I'm glad that they publish their stories so that we can all be inspired by it!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I have a dream

Thanks to Boho Girl for the introducing to Priscilla Ahn's music.
Listen to "Dream" here.

I also have a dream…
It's becoming a good photographer, working as a freelancer or in an agency. Plus working out my little business I've started earlier this year.

For Super Duper Mom

Hey Super Duper Mom!
I made this card especially for you!

Take care,



Sunday, September 9, 2007

Desktop pics à la JustBe!

Ik heb desktop pics aangemaakt op resolutie 1024 x 768 pixels.
Je kan ze (01 & 02) hier downloaden.
Voel je vrij om deze pics door te sturen.


I made some desktop pics on resolution 1024 x 768.
You can download them (01 & 02) here.
Feel free to send these to your friends.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

For Boho Girl & Boy

For Boho Girl & Boy
I could write you a lot of what I wish for you. I do it with a card I designed especially for you and your husband.
Take care.



"A Higher Place"

Ik voel me gelukkig!

Je hebt dat soms, zo plots van die momenten waarin je je héél gelukkig voelt, awel ik beleef er nu zo één.
Ik hing daarstraks aan de telefoon met één van mijn beste vriendinnen Sylf, we praatten over wat ons bezighield. Zij was haar "ding" (tekenen, ontwerpen) aan het doen en voelde dat dit haar goed deed. Het ging van een leien dak!
Ik vertelde haar over mijn creatieve ideeën die ik op de markt wil brengen en zij stimuleerde me enorm! Kwam spontaan op nog meer ideeën om de mensen bewust te maken. Wat een simpel telefoontje kan doen hé!
Ik ben ook héél bij met een telefoontje dat ik eerder deze dag kreeg van iemand die "MIJ" opbelde omdat ze mijn kaarten wil verkopen! Hierbij wil ik Lotte (van de poëziewinkel, Ottogracht Gent) bedanken!

En nu straal ik! Als je goed kijkt kan je misschien mijn aureool zien! ;c))

Enfin, ik wilde dit graag met jullie delen.
"A Higher Place" verwijst naar het liedje van "Röyksopp" dat nu speelt, ook dit geeft mij een goed gevoel.


I feel happy!

These are those moments in our life that you just feel happy because… of several reasons. I am having such a moment right now! I was talking to my best friend Sylf on the phone about the things that inspire us.
She was drawing and designing, doing her "thing" and she felt it gave her peace! I was so easy to do the thing she loves so much. I talked about my dreams and ideas I want to put on the market and she stimulated me enormous! I spontaneously got more ideas. What a phonecall can do hey!
I am also happy because I got a phonecall earlier this day of someobody who wants to sell my cards! Therefor I also want to thanks Lotte from the Poetryshop in Ghent (Ottogracht).

So I shine, perhaps if you look very good you can see my aureole. :c))

Anyway I wanted it to share with you!
"A Higher Place" refers to a song of "Röyksopp" wich plays right now and also give me a good feeling.