Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Those days…

Today is one of the days with those unsteady feelings, I've been away for the hollidays last week and now I'm back.
It takes time to adjust, so I visited the blog of "Super Duper Mom" because she tagged me. And so I saw that she has been tagged by "The Wish Studio". I began to read the blog of the person who tagged The Wish Studio, and visited the blog of the person who tagged that person and so on…

I saw beautiful blogs, read beautiful dreams and words… I just visited the blog of "Boho Girl", she makes really beautiful inspirational photos and designs!

Looking at such a beautiful people, photo's and stories gave me positive energy!
I've visited * Super Duper Mom * The Wish Studio * Live, Love, Laugh * Boho Girl - Chronicles of Me - Boho Photography - Boho Banners * Hand & Spirit * Just be me * Renovating this heart * Creative enthusiasm *
Thanks to you all!

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