SABRA KROCK food photographer

With permission of Sabra Krock. Click on the photo for a larger view.

It is my dream to become a good food photographer and foodstylist.
Many people inspire me and today I found one more: 
Sabra Krock.

I like her work because of the light she uses, the styling…

I quote her:
"What started as a passion for cooking blossomed into a deep appreciation of the aesthetics of food and presentation.  I began photographing food purely as a practical way to communicate dishes on my food blog, and before long was completely drawn into food photography.I love all elements of creating a beautiful and tempting food image: from food preparation to styling, propping, composition and lighting. My personal passion is for natural light photography and food that is as "un-doctored" as possible. …"

I wish that with my passion I will grow just like her.
Her work stimulates me to carry on and begin with photographing food again. She makes the photos I could look at all day long!

I'm still an amateur but one day…

With permission of Sabra Krock. Click on the photo for a larger view.


pelgrim said…
één van mijn passies is fotografie.
En als ik dan deze beelden bekijk .....Whaauw.
Gewoon prachtig!
Daar kan ik nog veel van leren.
tan!a said…
Ja, ik ook!
Zag dat jij graag kookt en fotografeert, dan is de combinatie snel gemaakt hé. Zin om samen eens te proberen?

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